Shape, Sculpt and Frame Your Eyes with Cosmetic Brow Tattooing. 

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing and feathering is an affordable and easy way to get the eyebrows you have always dreamed of.

We offer a range of tattoo styles, ensuring you can get the perfect eyebrow for your complexion and face shape.


Which brow style is right for you?



Feather touch brows are created by tattooing hair like strokes through the brow to give the illusion of natural hairs. These brows are perfect for woman who are after a “naturally perfect” brow.



Ombre brows will give you a soft “just tinted” look, if you are wanting to fill in your gaps, and are sick of pencilling in everyday, this style is perfect for you! At first this style may look a little fuller but the tattooing will soften by 40-60% to create a beautiful everyday look.



Combination brows are the perfect middle ground between feathering and ombre. Feather hair strokes are tattooed at front of the brows and then the rest of the brow is softly shaded in.

Price List

Please note a $100 deposit for New Brows and $50 for touch up services will be required to secure your booking.

New Brows – Any Style $450

6-12 week perfection visit $150

3-11 month colour boost $150

12-18 month colour boost $200

18month-2year colour boost $350


  • Pregnant
  • Current Pigment
  • Skin Peeling / Sun Burn
  • Heart Conditions / Pace Maker / Defibrillator
  • Blood Thinners
  • Oily Skin with Feathering
  • Injectables – 3wks before or after
  • Moles / Raised areas in or around the brow area
  • Acne Medications (Must wait 1yr)
  • Chemotherapy – Within first 3 months & a letter from doctor is required.
  • Breastfeeding – After 12 months can express for 24-48hrs

Preparation for your appointment

  • 3 weeks prior – Please avoid all muscle relaxant treatments (Botox/Dysport)
  • 1 week prior – Please do not wax tint or pluck your brows, we will do this for you at your appointment.
  • 2 weeks prior – Please cease taking fish/krill oil (these are natural blood thinners)
  • 3 weeks prior – Please no intense facials, needling, peels or laser.
  • 72hrs prior – Please avoid using any vitamin A/Retinol products on your forehead area.
  • 72hrs prior – If possible, please avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and any other anti-inflammatory medication. Please no exercise the day of your appointment.